Some  Quotes from Children and Teachers

We  have included below some comments from some of the children who have attended  our workshops, and from their teachers. We have reproduced them exactly  as they came to us, with innovative and effective spelling and grammar!  However, in some cases it is what is said between the lines that is  telling: the dancing brought different things to different people, be  it parental recognition, breaking down of prejudices about dance, opening  doors for potential career choices, or simply downright fun.

What  the children said….

What  their teachers said…

"It  wos fun. I wos tayerd after it. Most of ol I like wen you took yoor  clots off. I wos happy as enafin. I was rubbish at it." John, P4

"I lickt it when you  said we were doing very good. I was very happy when you said that."  Stacey, P7

"I had no idea what  jitterbug was before you came. It also made me more confident about  dancing with a partner even if it was with a boy (with two left feet).”  Matthew, P7

"I showed my mum. She  was really pleased with me because I knew the whole dance". Chevonne,  P5

“Because of your dance,  I have decided that dancing isn’t so girly after all!” Robbie,  P7

"It was good fun and  I shoed my mum and dad and we dun it all night intil 8:30 and we woor  tired." Cherie, P7

"I was teaching my sister  how to do it. She was funny at it." Katie, P5

" I wish to see you  again. I wish to be a dancer when I am old." David, P4


“A  fantastic new and exciting way to teach social dance! The children had  a great time!” Broomhill Primary School, Aberdeen.

“Exposing the children  to meaningful, exciting dance experiences is vital to promote physical  well-being. Unfortunately, their view of dancing is limited to stuffy  country dancing or girls in tu-tus!” Miss Davis, Broomhill Primary  School, Aberdeen

"The pupils regarded  it as the "highlight" of our project and we were able to do  a great deal of "follow up" work."
Carol Adams, Leith Primary School

"Thank you for a wonderful  morning. The children had a ball." Mrs Murphy, St David's Primary  School, Dalkeith.

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